Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Homework Develops your brain! (Homework)

This a post that we had to do based on where we are going to use our Chromebooks and how are we going to use it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Don't be a bully & get a try!!! (my comics)

These are some comics that I have created with my comic group. My first one was called don't bully. My first one was on something that happens at school everyday we based it on bullying because there are some people that always get bullied at school.


Friday, 20 November 2015

Amazing Video!

This a video that shares my learning journey and my cybersmart knowledge from the past year.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Unhappy Moment!

It is very sad that Jonah has passed away this is for you Lomu if you can hear me. I done this for you. He was born in 1975 and lived until 2015 we will pray for you R.I.P  Jonah Lomu.

Non Bulling!!!

This is a comic that my group has created they are Lupe, Jack Daniel, Sylvia, and James we based it on bullying because people always bully each other we had to base it on an everyday thing that happens at school bullying is the thing that happens here most abashedly this boy named Thanush.   

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Snagit! (working Together)

This is a snagit that me and my buddy Izabella has created then we had to wait for it to up load to our google drive then we got the embed code so we can upload it to our blogs and then show our favourite movies and tell the who will read this why we like it and why did we choose that movie my favourite was pay it forward because it was funny and because it showed not to gamble, litter, and not have rap battles because it could cause a fight because of the words that come out of there mouths.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

There is a Rise hero inside of you! (Rise Heros)

In room nine we had to write a review about the movie liked from the manaiakalani film festival at Sylvia park cinema on the big screen we had four presenters two from Room 9 and Room 10. From Room 9 Meana and Sylvia from Room 10 Katrina and Salusilo.     

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Breaking News!

Welcome we are here today with another rugby game who is playing today? NZ and Australia who will? there is only ten more seconds on the clock then Dan Cater gets the ball then he drop goals the ball then there is only five more secs the Australian kicker kicks the ball then Julian Savea catches the ball and runs like a beast threw the Australian team then he gets a amazing try  will Dan Carter get the conversion kick he kicks it crooked but it’s curving it goes in what an amazing kick the crowd goes wild the All Blacks have won it to times in a row back to back win twice in a row. Will Richie McCaw keep playing rugby for the All Blacks or will our captain keep playing. Will Julian Savea Keep playing or will he retire and go to American football and follow Jared Haynes footsteps in American football. Beauden Barrett finishes the game with a chip kick then he caught it and dived then the score was 34:17 the All Blacks were amazed that they had won two times in a row back to back win. All Blacks amazing wins two times in a row for the All Blacks. That will be very sad if Richie Macaw left the All Blacks because he has played 148 tests veteran. The All Blacks have retained the World Cup with deserved 34-17 victory over Australia at Thickening. It was a very close game between NZ and RSA but beat the Wallabies by miles 34:17. Shot Julian Savea for that amazing try and another shot to Dan Carter and Richie Mccaw Shot Dan for that amazing drop goal and shot Richie for the sorting out and helping the team stay focused. Yes Richie I saw your quote It’s not about winning it’s about having fun when you are playing and representing your country. I thought Julian Savea and Dan Carter where the best in the whole team and out of the whole game and the tournament.   

 We had to write about the rugby world cup and put it into a report and act like a rugby producer my friend Sione jump in the air and got caught on the camera.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

World Wide Rugby

 I had to write about what I know and put that information into slides but if I don't know some of them then I would use some off the internet then I put some backgrounds into the slides but they had to relate to what I was writing about then when I found some videos from YouTube then I made the links for them so people can watch them and do the same thing as me or someone else and can share that video.   

Amazing Goal

We had to write a term 4 goal in a google drawing. We had to choose our goals from the key competitions. I chose participating and contributing others chose different ones.   


We had to choose if we wanted to do a info graphic for the manaiakalani site then we had to copy the criteria from our class site so I look at it then I put it in my info graphic I put in photos to relate to what I was writing in the info graphic then we printed them and we had to post them on our blog before the end of W5 T4 but published it way before that