Thursday, 13 October 2016

Tiring Walk

Wow today was tiring. Walking around look for number that had information on plants and it was an activity. When we got to the Botanic Gardens we waited for our teacher to lead us to where we were going to start off from. We all followed each other then all of a sudden we split up out of nowhere. But then we on an adventure to hunt for numbers and find the information on what the plant was about. My class were playing around and saying there were clowns in the bush that was funny for me because I don't believe in  clowns. Most of the people are saying that clowns are real but there fake that is opinion hahaha but clowns might be real lets get back on track. We were walking in the bush where there were plants hunting down those numbers those were really hard to find we did not find some of the numbers the numbers we did not find were the number 1 and 6 so we did not get to answer those questions. When we were finished the hunt we went back to school by bus. We arrived back at school around 12:30 but it was fun going to the Botanic Gardens. 

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