Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Words Words Words Everywhere

On Monday I was not here at Ruapotaka School for my class assembly. Room 12 had a syndicate assembly on when I was not here I thought that would about it because that would be very not be there and not write about it. So here I go one sunny afternoon straight after lunch time there was a syndicate assembly with 4 huge class room wow but they could all fit in the small part of the multipurpose they had been given. Anavea got a certificate for who knows what we shouldn't for get Samuel he got a certificate too. Quros fist pumping the air. Wow I wish I was there to see Quros fist pumping the air hahahahaha that would of been funny everyone looking at him. The teacher probably said, "Quros pay attention" poor him he was going to be sad. 

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