Thursday, 30 June 2016

"Very Sad" Snag Golf Is Over The Last Day On Thursday 7th June 2016

"Very Sad Day For Me" Snag Golf Is Over On Thursday.

Snag Golf was very fun and we had 4 weeks of Snag Golf. I would like to thank coach Jay for teaching us how to play Snag Golf. I learnt a lot. We had Snag Golf only 1 day a week but it was awesome. Coach Jay gave up his time to teach the senior block how to play Snag Golf every Thursday. Jack Daniel, Azahar, and I went through Snag Golf together as a team. We were in the same team the whole way through the activity. It was very sad for me because coach Jay is going to be leaving.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Happy Moment For Me And My Class!

On Thursday my class had snag golf with coach Jay. Coach Jay is Indian he is very good at putting and rolling. Close to the end of snag golf we had a challenge who could get it on the bull's eye. The bull's eye was the number one with a target. We had to yell out 'SNAG!!'  when we got the ball on the target. It was fun for my class and me because we had challenges.  My team won the first round for rolling the ball on to the target.  In my team were Azahar, and Jack Daniel. We had a challenge, the first team to get the tennis ball in the hula hoop 7 times won the challenge. When the coach said to pack up my team just got 7 balls in the hula hoop. It was interesting for me and my team we had fun.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Buddy Reading With Room 7

"Buddy Reading With Room 7"

On Wednesday Room 7 came to Room 12 for buddy reading. Room 7 had to listen to Room 12 read to them. It wasn't fun because I have no interest in reading. Reading is not my favourite subject. It was loud in Room 12 because  ALL THE PEOPLE WERE READING OUT LOUDLY. Room 12 isn't really quiet that often it's usually loud in Room 12. 

Room 7 then read to us. They are very good at reading for their age. Room 12 aren't to bad at reading in the classroom. I'm not good at reading myself. The year eights should be role modeling the younger people how to do things. Room 7 are pretty much not interested into our big books at the moment. The words in the books are probably too hard for them to understand at this stage. When they get older they will understand what the words mean.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tech Project

On Wednesday we had Tech. We had to answer questions on our topic that we had done in the past weeks. I didn't do anything because my chrome book was flat so I just drew for the rest of the Tech time. Then I had a drawing challenge from our Tech teacher Mr Pineda we had to try and draw 3D shapes using just a pencil and no ruler. Mr Pineda showed me and the other Year sevens. 
That is what we did for Tech.