Thursday, 10 September 2015

Myron's Museli

We had to listen to Myron’s story of his cycling life and Myron let some people wear his equipment. We asked him some questions and after that he asked us some questions about what we like to in our spare time. Then he let the people who were wearing his equipment sit on his bike he also talked about his equipment and how they were made to cut through the wind like a golf ball. He lifted his bike with his pinky. His bike is also made to cut through the wind. After that he told us about his younger life and when he started biking. He said that he started biking when he was three years old.    


  1. Guten tag, James. What a great picture of Myron saying something about himself and people putting on Myron’s gear. What a great piece of writing you have for your post. How did you make the photos of Myron and people putting on Myron’s gear all sparkly and colourful?

  2. Hello, Katrina. Thank you for saying my picture was nice. we used pic monkey.