Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Buddy Reading With Room 7

"Buddy Reading With Room 7"

On Wednesday Room 7 came to Room 12 for buddy reading. Room 7 had to listen to Room 12 read to them. It wasn't fun because I have no interest in reading. Reading is not my favourite subject. It was loud in Room 12 because  ALL THE PEOPLE WERE READING OUT LOUDLY. Room 12 isn't really quiet that often it's usually loud in Room 12. 

Room 7 then read to us. They are very good at reading for their age. Room 12 aren't to bad at reading in the classroom. I'm not good at reading myself. The year eights should be role modeling the younger people how to do things. Room 7 are pretty much not interested into our big books at the moment. The words in the books are probably too hard for them to understand at this stage. When they get older they will understand what the words mean.

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